Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi! Recently, I got an iPod touch for Hanukah, and proceeded to download several games on it. While I was impressed at the number of fantasy RPGs, I move that these new categories should be created:
Building a village games
Games where you only play as one, male, WASP, character
Buggy games.
Games with terribly translated dialogue(OH GOD THE HORROR OF FINDING THOSE WHEN YOU DON'T WANT THEM)
Games that begin with the phrase 'For centuries...'(I have nothing against those, it's just a notice for those that don't want something like that)
Games that have voiceover(NECROGIRL. HATES. VOICEOVER.)
Dating games(DO NOT WANT)
Games that include the phrase 'Secure the perimeter!'(I've never played one of those, but you hear stories)
And so on.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sloth Party

New Years Resolution- I will try to post more.
New Years Resolution- Broken.
Hello! How much have you been procrastinating? Just take this post as a friendly reminder from your Aunt Necrogirl that someone, somewhere, is lazier than you. Probably.
Plogviezhe! According to a book I read, that means 'The sun has risen! Let's make war!"
I actually have no idea what to post here, so I'll link you to a new place I have found. She updates more than I do, don't worry.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh, And That Too

Greetings, fellow beings!
Was I dead? Buried alive? Kidnapped? Sent to HELL? No, I merely forgot to post.
Hiroshi Ishikaki- Chain Mail.
1984. What? It's bloody awesome.
I am in the Creative Writing club at school, and you know what we are doing? MEMOIRS. Memoirs, people! We have not even had any exploits that panicked the nation! We are in middle school! Any memoirs we write will be the I-learned-a-lesson-when-my-dog-died or my-having-a-baby-makes-me-interesting badly written type. I want to write about love! About magic! About fighting! About evil! About dystopian empires! Not about my memories. I'm far too young and untwisted for those to be interesting.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Death! Ruin! Destruction!

I hate almost everything about the holidays, but they have some good things about them. To wit:
1. Presents.
2. Hogfather, Terry Pratchett. I love this book so much it isn't even funny.
3. Hark To The Bells. That's a favorite song, carol or otherwise.
4. The Nutcracker.
5. A Christmas Carol. Who'd pass up a chance to see another festive Grim Reaper?
6. Holiday break.
7. Christmas lights.
8. Chocolate coins.
9. Decorating trees.
10. Saturday Night Live Christmas special, which we watched last night.
11. FIRE!!!
12. Snow.
13. I've run out of things.
What I don't like:
1. Santa.
2. Latkes. I detest latkes.
3. 99% of all holiday songs.
4. That the aforementioned crappy songs are all they ever play on the radio or in Barnes and Noble.
5. 99% of all holiday movies.
6. That Hanukah is never on the break.
7. Barbie's A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker. I actually screamed "HOW CAN YOU DEFILE THE JOY OF THE HOLIDAYS?!?!" when I saw those.
8. The cold.
9. Socializing with relatives. This is normally okay, but in large groups? I DO NOT LIKE THE GROUPS. I get uncomfortable at my own birthday party.
10. That my otherwise awesome family-friend neighbors always show the horrible Christmas movies.
11. Droning in Hebrew.
12. Advent calenders.
13. Candy canes.
Oh, I shouldn't be so ambivalent about this! After all, I am Eggnog, according to the 'What Hot Beverage Are You?' quiz I took once. So, I should like the holidays.
I'll stop pretending to be Scrooge rather than the Ghost of Christmas Future and let you get on with your life, shall I?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A dream: I was in a bookstore, reading a graphic novel of Othello, and it was modernized. At first, Othello and Desdemona has not yet met, and I was like 'It's just hasn't gotten started...'.  Then things got odd, and there were guerrilla attacks, fairies, long train rides, a coffee shop, and, for some reason, Fai D. Florite (WHAT'S WITH YOU, TSUBASA? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY DREAMS!). Moral: no more Shakespeare before bedtime. OR ELSE YOU WILL HAVE ODD DREAMS TO THE POINT IN WHICH VAMPIRES SIT IN COFFEE SHOPS AND ARE ATTACKED BY THE POLICE.
It's gonna be Hannukah soon! On the first night, we'll decorate the neighbor's Christmas tree OH THE IRONY.  I don't care about that, because I have a chance to read Terry Pratchett(a new favorite) and I SHALL NOT GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP! GET STRONGER! MUCH STRONGER!
Carpe Jugulum!(my new motto)